Refugees, Displaced Peoples, Migrants

Our research focus is also on the refugee and migrant issues. Bangladesh has been a country providing shelter to the Rohingya refugees since its independence. It presently hosts nearly a million Rohingya from Myanmar. Along with the socio-cultural-environmental and economic impact of hosting refugees, we also focus on the social cohesion between the Rohingya and local host communities. Our focus is also on understanding the Rohingya perspectives in finding solutions to their ongoing predicament and the role of the international community to solve the Rohingya crisis.

As the Rohingya issue is a burning one for Bangladesh, the migrant issue is an indispensable one when we talk about Bangladesh’s surprising development over the last couple of decades. Migrant workers are one of the pillars contributing to Bangladesh’s economic growth. Our research also focuses on their livelihood and the nexus of socio-economic-cultural impact due to their migration. We also work on skill-building programs for the migrants. We also focus on internal migration, climate-related displaced people, and internally displaced people.