Education is a power of developing one’s own self-worth where educational methods include teaching, training, and researching. SIMEC Institute of Technology is a place where people of different ages gain an education. SIMEC Institute of Technology, a project of SIMEC Foundation, is a technical education based entity with the generous support and patronage of the top class academic institution from abroad and to provide the technical courses in different fields. It is running completely as a non-profitable organization. It involves research, consultancy, training and technical education to make sure the improvement of human capital. Slot gacor terbaik Slot gacor malam ini Slot Pragmatic


  • Organizing joint situs research programs in Bangladesh and abroad.
  • Conducting international exchange programs slot for students and teachers.
  • Organizing international training slot for Bangladeshi professionals abroad.
  • Organizing workshop, training, short slot and long-term diploma in different fields.
  • Arranging link foreign language (Japanese, Korean, English, etc.) Programs.
  • Organizing international slot seminars in Bangladesh.
  • Worldwide link VES (Virtual Educational System) web portal.


Professional Courses

3D art is created by manipulating polygon meshes and molding...

Mechatronics, the combination of robotics, electronics, computer, and control systems,...

ETABS is an engineering software product that caters to multi-story building...

Research Center

Many of the Universities and Institutes of developed countries like Japan, Korea, China, America and Europe require students to do research on different subjects. In recent days, it is very precious to do research work and on the other hand there are crisis of students and researcher for research work.

That is why the institutions of 1st world countries are seeking student from other countries to complete their research work. SIMEC Institute of Technology will have various research programs. This program will include long term and short term research work. Long term may last from one to four years. Bachelor students who will do research in SIMEC Institute of Technology they will get the chance to obtain master degree from abroad