Computer course

Computer course

Computers are an integral part of professional environments in the 21st century and not knowing how to do basic troubleshooting can be a drawback for job seekers. In addition, specialized professionals in computer technology, who can design and program computers and fix complicated problems, are imperative for any organization relying heavily on computers. Therefore, basic or advanced knowledge of computer technology can have a number of advantages for your career.

Let us see what counts as the essential computer skills as understood under computer literate:

  • Performing Basic Operations
  • Word-Processing
  • E-mail
  • Use The Internet
  • Use a Spreadsheet
  • Create and use a data base
  • Create/Use a Power point or graphic file
  • Printing of a document
  • Use of the peripherals

Software used in this course

  • Microsoft Office 2007 and latest version ,
    • MS Excel,
    • MS PowerPoint,
    • MS Access,
    • MS Outlook

Time Duration

Duration: 3 months& 4 months (2 hours every class, 2 days a week)