Workshop on Korean Culture in Bangladesh

Date: 8th July 2023

Time: Registration Deadline: 30th May 2023



The National Stakeholders’ Workshop on Korean Culture in Bangladesh aims to bring together enthusiasts and professionals involved in promoting and popularizing Korean culture, content, and products within Bangladesh. This event will provide a platform for participants to share their experiences, insights, and ideas, while also fostering collaboration and networking among stakeholders.

Who can join:

  • K-Fandom groups
  • K-Fanpage admins
  • K-Music/Dance groups
  • K-Content providers
  • K-Beauty product importers
  • Korean Restaurant Owners
  • Scholars researching the Korean Cultural Wave in Bangladesh

Why Participate?

If you are a fan of K-pop, K-drama, Korean films, or actively involved in promoting Korean culture, food, and products in Bangladesh, this workshop is an excellent opportunity for you to:

  • Share your experiences and insights, contributing to the ongoing conversation about the impact of Korean culture in Bangladesh.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations involved in promoting Korean culture, forming lasting relationships and potential collaborations.
  • Gain exposure through multiple media outlets, including news, social media, and online platforms, increasing visibility for your work or business.

How to Register:

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There is no registration fee for this event, however, Interested participants must register by 30th May 2023

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