Issue 01


Editor: Chief Patron: Engr. Sardar Md. Shaheen | Editorial Advisors: Prof. Dr. Monirul Islam | Editor in Chief: Dr. Ratan Kumar Roy (Sanjib Roy

“It is imperative to treat the vaccine as a ‘global public good.’ We need to ensure the timely availability of this vaccine to all countries at the same time. IF we are provided with the technical know-how and patents, the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh has the capacity to go for vaccine
production in mass-scale. Efforts to contain the pandemic and achieve Agenda 2030 have to go hand-in-hand. Bangladesh’s second voluntary national review (VNR) presented this year shows that we are well on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are working hard to transform Bangladesh into a_ middle-income country by 2021. attain the SDGs by 2030, a developed country by 2041 and a prosperous Delta by 2100.”


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