SIMEC Institute of Technology

A Prestigious Educational Institution Designed for Learning Maintaining International Standard

SIMEC Institute of technology is mainly a Research and Training based institute in Bangladesh with the generous support and patronage of the top class Universities in Japan. It will also provide technical courses in different fields with standards curriculum. SIMEC Institute of Technology is a project of SIMEC Foundation and it is running completely as a non-profitable organization.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced and skilled full-time teachers.
  • Classroom with multimedia facilities.
  • Air-conditioned classroom with high configured PC.
  • Modern and well-equipped Lab.
  • Country’s biggest software and animation lab.
  • Moderate course fee
  • Approved by BTEB
  • Wide range of courses
  • Available class time
  • Learning with earning opportunity
  • Well-equipped facilities for workshops and different programs

Research Center

Many of the Universities and Institutes of developed countries like Japan, Korea, China, America and Europe require students to do research on different subjects. In recent days, it is very precious to do research work and on the other hand there are crisis of students and researcher for research work.

That is why the institutions of 1st world countries are seeking student from other countries to complete their research work. SIMEC Institute of Technology will have various research programs. This program will include long term and short term research work. Long term may last from one to four years. Bachelor students who will do research in SIMEC Institute of Technology they will get the chance to obtain master degree from abroad

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