Research And Training

Certificate Course: One semester (3 Months)

Understanding SDGs – Bangladesh and the West
Values, Cultures, Political Systems and Sustainability
Education for Sustainability
Localization of SDGs

Advance Certificate Course: Two semesters (6 Months)

Understanding 17 SDGs in Bangladesh Perspectives
Sustainable Livability Management
Achieving SDGs in Bangladesh
Urbanization and Land Use Plan

Research Internship:
Dissertation on Action Research Projects on Achieving SDGs

Short courses

SDGs Action Research Center has short courses for three days, one week and two weeks long. These courses are specially designed for targeting government employees, NGO workers, school teachers, bankers, industrial labourers, ward counselors, Union Porishad chairmen, village members and social volunteers. For understanding the implementation and localization of SDGs in the lives of our families and society, we need to know the basic actions of SDGs.

Career In SDG Sectors

  • Bangladesh Government recruits numbers of SDG Focal Points in different ministries, departments, UNOs and projects.
  • There are huge Placement Opportunities in National/International NGOs for SDG expertise.
  • Private companies, RMG Industries are also seeking sustainable executives for the global demand.
  • Experienced teachers and trainers are highly expected in educational institutes.
  • UN organizations also recruit SDG specialists in Bangladesh and abroad.