Auto CAD

Auto CAD: Automatically Computer Aided Design & Drafting.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has become a significant and necessary subject in the modern engineering industry. It is almost impossible to think of any engineering project without involving this technology. Moreover, all engineers, designers, draftsman are expected to demonstrate relevant knowledge and skill in CAD besides their field of specialization.

Today this technology has provided us the power to build sophisticated 2D & 3D objects on the computer screen and visualize the model that we plan to make. Authorized by the Bangladesh Technical Educational Board (BTEB) and NSDA ( National Skill development authority), the course will help in skill development and prepare the students for a better career in the field of Design & Drafting.

Course Content:
  1. Introduction to Computers and CAD
  2. Introduction of Draw Menu/Ribbon
  3. Introduction of Modify Menu/Ribbon
  4. Introduction of Dimension/Annotation
  5. Workflow with Tools
  6. Workflow with Tools
  7. Introduction of 3D Studio Max
  8. Explain Create Geometry
  9. Explain Shapes
  10. Explain Lighting
  11. Space wrap
  12. Explain Default Rendering and V-Ray Rendering
Career Prospects:
  1. Developers/Real Estate
  2. Architecture Consulting
  3. Engineering
  4. Steel Structure
  5. Auto Mobile
  6. Navigation/Aviation
  7. Railways
  8. Construction
  9. Interior Design
  10. Fashion Design
  11. Mechanical Design
  12. Electrical/Electronics
  13. Furniture etc.
Major Benefits:
  1. Certificates on Completion
  2. Internship opportunities at SIMEC System Ltd
  3. World class learning Experience
  4. Exposer in the national & international job market
Course Details:
Name of Course Duration of course (360 hrs) Class Schedule Eligibility Criteria
Auto CAD – Theory- 60 hrs.
– Practical 240hrs
– Communicative English 60hrs
– 5 Days per week
– 3 hrs. per day
Minimum S.S.C/Equivalent pass or appeared
 Our Specialist:
  1. All classes are conducted & monitored by experienced & professional instructors with university teaching background
  2. World class lab with state of the facilities
  3. Full time Wi-Fi Facilities
  4. Fully air-conditioned facilitated computer labs
  5. Course fees are competitive and fair with other institutes.
  6. Friendly environment
  7. Modern library facilities
Course Duration 6 months
  • – TK 15000
  •  – Scholarship of 10% – 25% for meritorious students.

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