Message from Founder Chairman

It’s a matter of proud to be the chairman of an entity like SIMEC institute of technology which works for improving research, training and technological based education in Bangladesh for introducing Practical/Vocational training based learning to develop the young generation to build the career which may help to reduce unemployment curse. While studying in Japan, it was a dream to build an educational relationship between Bangladesh and Japan for ensuring educational quality for preparing a skilled Bangladeshi generation, and when the dream comes true, it’s called ‚ÄúSIMEC Institute of Technology”. Even we strongly believe that the technological relationship between two countries can play a vital role for the development of the whole world as well. This institute is designed for research, training, educational development, technological growth and finally, I must say “creating future of the students and researchers can be another outstanding outcome from SIMEC Institute of Technology.” I wish all the researchers, trainee and student a wonderful future ahead.

Sardar Md. Shaheen
M. Sc. Engg. (Japan)