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Career in Japan
Easy Way To Learn Japanese
Edited By Engr. Sardar Md. Shaheen

Career in Japan has been published by SIMEC Institute of Research and Technology in four volumes. All the volumes are edited by Engineer Sardar Md. Shaheen. Students and interested learners get basic knowledge about Japanese culture, language and expressions. The book is both for conversational and writing, which will boost confidence of the learners. The effort has been made to fulfil the requirements of new learners of Japanese language.

Seeing South Asia
Visuals Beyond Borders
Edited By Dev Nath Pathak, Biswajit Das, Ratan Kumar Roy

This book critically examines the cultural politics of visuals in South Asia. It makes a key contribution to the study of visuals in the social sciences in South Asia by studying the interplay of the seen and unseen, and the visual and nonvisual. The book will be useful to scholars and researchers of visual and cultural studies, social and cultural anthropology, sociology, political studies, media and communications studies, performance studies, art history, television and film studies, photography studies, and South Asian studies. It will also interest practitioners including artists, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers and media critics.

Television in Bangladesh
News and Audiences
By Ratan Kumar Roy

This book examines the role of 24/7 television news channels in Bangladesh. By using a multi-sited ethnography of television news media, it showcases the socio-political undercurrents of media practices and the everydayness of TV news in Bangladesh. It discusses a wide gamut of issues such as news making; localised public sphere; audience reaction and viewing culture; impact of rumours and fake news; socio-political conditions; protest mobilization; newsroom politics and perspectives from the ground. .