Interdisciplinary Research Bulletin

Interdisciplinary Research Bulletin is published quarterly from Bangladesh by the International Research Center of SIMEC Institute of Technology. It publishes scholarly peer-reviewed articles, research findings, research reports, scientific analysis of ongoing investigation, debates on methodological and theoretical interventions from across the disciplines. It invites guest editors to bring out special issues on relevant subject matters.

We welcome all contributions that enhance the understanding of contemporary research in different subject areas such as arts, humanities and social sciences, business and commerce, science and technology. Research papers and contributions are invited on the following subject matters but not limited to: Climate Change and Environment, Global Health and Hunger, Sustainable Development, Food and Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Digital Humanities and Al, Education, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Media and Communication, Political Science and Philosophy, International Politics and Diplomacy, Business and Economics, History and Society, Culture, Heritage and Performance, Archaeology, Fine Arts and Design, Public Administration.